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When it comes to your home remodeling needs in North Suburbs Chicago, SMART HOME Construction is here for you. We offer services such as kitchen, bathroom, and basement remodeling. Our remodeling contractors are fully licensed, bonded, and insured so that our customers will have peace of mind. We want your experience with us to be as smooth as possible, which is why we will be with you every step of the way, from planning to the finishing touches. Our home remodeling company uses the highest quality of materials to ensure that you will get the home that you have always dreamt of. We will turn those ideas into reality, ensuring that we provide the highest quality of work at an affordable price. Give us a call today so that we can get started on the home that you have always wanted. Our team is here for you, count on us!

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With our home remodeling company in the North Suburbs Chicago, you can expect a free estimate and advice when you contact us. This way, you can plan your budget ahead and avoid any surprises that may come your way. Whether it’s a basement remodeling or any other type of remodeling, our remodeling contractors can get the job done for you the first time around. Give our company a call today!


Need Home Remodeling Contractors in the North Suburbs Chicago?
We Offer Home Remodeling, Basement Remodeling, Kitchen & Bathroom Remodeling Services!

If you are looking for a home remodeling contractors that can help you achieve your goals, we are the ones that have your back covered.

Home Remodeling

Smart Home Construction is your best choice when it comes to home remodeling. We can handle different types of home remodeling services, from your kitchen to your basement. Our home remodeling contractors are equipped with the latest knowledge and skills to provide you the best outcome possible for your beautiful home!

Bathroom Remodeling

Your bathroom is the place where you start and end your day, so when you have a bathroom remodeling done, we will make sure to give the best we got. Our remodeling contractors can take care of any type of bathroom that you may have, a small bath, or a master’s bath.

Kitchen Remodeling

The kitchen is the busiest place and the heart of a home, which is why ensuring that it’s in the best shape is important. Our remodeling contractors will provide you with the highest quality of kitchen remodeling, making sure that you get what you want and need. Count on us!

Basement Remodeling

At Smart Home Construction, the possibilities are endless. Our remodeling contractors can create any space that you want for your basement remodeling, whether it’s a man cave or a bar. We will turn your ideas into reality, making sure that everything will be done at the highest quality of work.

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We are your go-to company when it comes to your home remodeling needs. Our home remodeling contractors can take care of your kitchen, basement, or bathroom remodeling at an affordable price. Check out what services we have to offer for you. Contact us today so that we can give you the home you want!

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When it comes to your experienced residential builder and designer for your home remodeling project in the North Suburbs Chicago, SMART HOME Construction is the one that you can rely on and trust. We have licensed builders that will offer you any advice that you need. Our remodeling contractors understand that it may be challenging to know where to start, who to work with, and what to consider when it comes to your home renovation projects. We aim to provide one-stop remodeling resources and provide you with a smooth experience from start to finish.


Our remodeling contractors will visit your home and verify all the details of your project and take proper measurements. After that, your design consultant and contractors meet with you to confirm your vision, scope, budget, and project schedule for your home remodeling in the North Suburbs Chicago. This process will give our customers an understanding of pricing and a well thought out home renovation and basement remodeling. We’ll arrange a review meeting with you once the plans are ready so that you can look them over. The meetings would depend on the complexity of your project.


At SMART HOME Construction, you can find project managers and designers that you can coordinate with our builders for a smooth home remodeling or basement remodeling. This will help ensure that all quality and craftsmanship standards are met, by providing you with the industry-leading personnel and service from the start. Our remodeling contractors are unique to the remodeling industry. Home remodeling contractors will update our customers with progress of your home renovation or bathroom renovation project. With this said, we provide our customers with peace of mind during the entire process.

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