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    If you want to make your home more appealing, or more functional, Smart Home Remodeling is your one-stop place for all home remodeling services. Our home remodeling contractors Wheeling are experienced, highly skilled, and produce a high level of service. That is why many of our projects have come from repeat business and come from referrals. From complete home remodeling to single-room remodeling, we have professionals and state-of-the-art equipment to produce our client’s desired results. Our company is licensed, bonded, and insured to give our clients quality and peace of mind. Whether you need kitchen, bathroom, basement remodeling, and basement finishing, and others, you can rest assured that our process is tried and true. We are confident about our services, and we encourage you to know more about our company. Call us today so we can get started on the remodeling that you always wanted.


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    With our home remodeling contractors Wheeling, you will get a detailed free estimate and advice for your basement finishing or basement remodeling. This way, you can plan your budget correctly and avoid any surprises that may come your way. Our contractors will make sure to provide you with the best service possible so that you can get the home that you have always wanted! Give us a call today!


    Need Home Remodeling Contractors Wheeling?
    We Offer Home Remodeling, Basement Remodeling Services!

    Our home remodeling in Wheeling strives to provide professional remodeling service to make your home more comfortable and go as smoothly as possible.

    Home Remodeling

    Smart Home Construction provides high-quality home remodeling projects and design-build services to our customers. Our home remodeling contractors Wheeling work extra to provide exceptional home remodeling services. We combine our years of experience with excellent customer service and have experience working with small and large home remodeling projects.

    Basement Remodeling

    Smart Home Remodeling has experienced home remodeling contractors Wheeling that will help you with the process of small renovation to complete basement finishing to improve your basement living area. Whether you want a man cave, laundry room, or play area, we will turn your basement into an incredible space.

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    Our home remodeling contractors Wheeling can help you add value to your home. Whether you need a kitchen upgrade, bathroom remodel, or basement remodels and finishing, you can trust us to make your vision a reality. Call us today and check our gallery to see our home remodeling products.

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    At SMART HOME Construction, we take pride in our professional consultation services. The years we spent honing our craft has made us experts in what we do. Thus, you can expect us to deliver the results you want starting from consultations. We provide professional advice to help you arrive with the best decisions for your home remodeling or basement remodeling Wheeling. We also have expertise in design and materials, which allows us to find the best materials for the layout you want. Feel free to consult with us anytime.


    Our remodel contractors provide expert design advice by starting with a home visit. At our company, we practice thorough inspection first so we can assess your space and come up with the best design solution that would meet your  plans of home remodeling Wheeling. After the inspection, we discuss the budget and the scope of the project. Next, we set a timeframe and schedule the first day for the remodeling work. For the best design layout, consult with our home remodeling contractors Wheeling and get free estimates.


    With years of experience in the business, you can expect great results from our team of home remodeling contractors Wheeling. We provide everything from consultation to expert design advice to the actual remodeling work. We have a dedicated team of remodeling contractors that are ready to work for you anytime. Our aim is to leave you with an excellent home remodeling or basement remodeling work that stands out from the Wheeling neighborhood. We also provide home renovation and basement finishing for your convenience. Feel free to consult with us today.

    Professional Basement Remodeling & Home Remodeling Wheeling
    Personalize Your Basement with our Remodel Contractors!

    With a good budget in place, you can achieve any basement remodeling work for your home in Wheeling! To come up with a great budget list, you must be able to match your expectations with your existing budget. This way, the work would flow smoother with minimal hiccups along the way. 

    If you are unsure where to start, our home remodeling contractors from SMART HOME Construction can help get you on the right track. To create a budget, we should first discuss your design plans. From this, we can have a good estimate of the costs. With that budget in mind, we can go into more detail and consider some ideas that would fit into the budget. Once the budget has been settled, we can start on the work and complete it on time as best as possible. 

    Our years of background in the business prove that we are a seasoned company in terms of home remodeling, basement finishing, and similar services. Based on your design preference, we understand which materials need to be prioritized and bought in excellent condition, and which ones we can temporarily find cheap substitutes for. For any additional requests, let us know about them so we can fit them in the budget.

    Why You Should Choose SMART HOME Construction For Home Renovation, Basement Finishing or Home Remodeling Wheeling?

    Outstanding Remodeling Contractors

    At SMART HOME Construction, you can expect outstanding remodel contractors in the Wheeling area. We can deliver any design that you need and want for your basement finishing and basement renovation Wheeling. When it comes to your home remodeling needs, we are the ones that you can rely on and trust.

    Reliable Project Completion

    You can trust our home remodeling contractors Wheeling to get the job done on time that has been agreed upon at the initial meeting. We will discuss the details with you thoroughly to make sure that we understand your requests. We will get the job done right the first time!

    Top Tier Quality

    Our professional home remodeling contractors Wheeling only use the highest quality of materials to make sure that we provide the best result possible for your home remodeling, basement renovation, or basement finishing Wheeling. We handpick each material that we use to ensure that they are at the highest quality for your home!

    Things To Take Into Consideration Before Your Home Remodeling Wheeling
    Contact Our Basement Finishing & Home Remodeling Contractors Wheeling For Professional Advice!

    On top of having a well-curated home, having a basement gives you an additional space to create another room for your other needs. Have all the creative freedom you desire as the homeowner in order to achieve an appropriate room that would complement the rest of your home and cater to your current lifestyle. 

    At SMART HOME Construction, we have professional remodel contractors in Wheeling that can perform everything for you with utmost precision and quality. Using high-technology and premium materials, we can achieve a strong and lasting design with its own unique twist to match the rest of your home. Whether you want an open space or a well-detailed basement, you can trust our home remodeling Wheeling crew to go the extra mile and achieve the layout you strongly prefer. Feel free to consult us regarding your basement ideas and allow us to provide you professional judgment to get exactly what you need.

    We take every project uniquely as their own. This allows us creativity and flexibility with the designs we pitch to our clients. Our remodel contractors Wheeling take inspiration from the unique style and preferences of our clients. By practicing open communication and collaboration, we can curate your space however you desire and make it work for your lifestyle in the following years.

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